« The music turns out to be mesmerizing in its manifestation of hallucinatory visions and vanishing sanity » – NOCLEANSINGING

The crew is diving in the depths of the sea, taken away by the mighty streams, lost and drown in madness where they can never escape. An ominous land at the border of reality. The story has been going on for centuries and shall never be forgotten.

Skaphos is the meeting of four experienced musicians who have already played in different bands. Formed in 2018, their first full length « Bathyscaphe » comes out in 2020, followed by « Thooï » in 2022. Signed with The Flaming Arts Agency, Skaphos tours in Europe with bands like MARDUK, BELPHEGOR, I AM MORBID, HATE, VADER…

Since the resumption of concerts after the Covid restrictions, the band played in sixteen countries in a year.

The exploration continues in the deepest trenches of the ocean.