« The music turns out to be mesmerizing in its manifestation of hallucinatory visions and vanishing sanity » – NOCLEANSINGING

Formed in 2018, the crew dives into the abyss, lost and drowned in a madness from which they can never escape. A dreadful world at the edge of reality.

« From now on, SKAPHOS figures prominently among the names to remember from the French Black / Death Metal scene » (Metal Alliance Mag). The first album « Bathyscaphe » was released in 2020, revealing a vehement, aggressive and dissonant style. A journey inspired by short stories from writers such as Verne and Lovecraft. After a Franco-Swiss tour with STORTREGN in 2020, the band signed with The Flaming Arts Agency and went on tour with VADER in Europe as well as a French tour in 2021. It was the following year that the second album appeared, entitled « Thooï », a divinity created from scratch by the crew members. A story about a people fanatically devoted to their god of the abyss, awakened after centuries of sleep, more powerful than ever. The band then goes on two new European tours alongside I AM MORBID, HATE, BELPHEGOR then MARDUK to finish with a second Franco-Swiss tour with STORTREGN in 2022. Early 2023, the crew went to Japan for a tour with BATUSHKA.

SKAPHOS illustrates its universe both on stage, through a sordid-looking show representing the seabed, and on the screens: numerous clips and a short film inspired by expressionism such as those of Fritz Lang: « La Litanie des Flots ».

Since the resumption of concerts after the Covid restrictions, the band has already performed in sixteen countries. The exploration continues in the deepest pits of the abyss where the third opus will rise (due out in 2023).