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01. Bathyscaphe

02. Lophius

03. Neige Marine

04. La Tombe des Mariannes

05. P.o. 01:43 S.e.Y.

06. U29

07. 12° Nord

08. US OH

09. Le Temple

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« Consistent with what inspired it, the song  combines elements of black and death metal to create a feeling of tension and turmoil. The feverish riffing, the rapidly battering drumwork, and the combination of guttural roars and lunatic shrieks bring us into a nightmarish world, and the flaring pulse of the guitars has a piercing quality that gets stuck in the head, too. Undergirded by an ominous bass line, the music turns out to be dynamic, and even mesmerizing in its manifestation of hallucinatory visions and vanishing sanity. »

No Clean Singing